Prioritization Plus


  • No installation, hardware, or commitment from your overstressed IT team.
  • Define your team
  • Identify and list your programs and assign authors
  • Determine your evaluation criteria and questions for each criteria.  Select from over 150 included questions and add or customize your own.
  • Manage visibility to your needs enabling a transparent process.
  • Determine scoring rubrics and weighting approaches that meet your needs. 
  • Import and Display Institutional Data (Enrollments, Costs, Revenue, Staff time) by program.
  • Allow timely management of program write-ups and reviews in an open and fair manner.
  • Manage thousands of prioritization documents with ease.


  • Saves Money – Prioritization Plus™ is ready to go – no extra capital equipment needed, no extra IT staff expenses.  The initial set-up fee is a fraction of the typical costs of building a system from scratch.
  • Saves Time – Prioritization Plus™ enables you to load your data from your sources immediately, so you can begin the prioritization process without delay.
  • Content-savvy – The content-smart elements of Prioritization Plus™ were designed by Robert C. Dickeson, author of the North American standard work on the subject of prioritization.  This functionality enables you to enter the right data on the right criterion for a complete, thorough process.
  • Tech-savvy – Prioritization Plus™ uses the latest software as a service (SaS) technology that enables you to get this application up and running faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance, and your IT functions to more readily adjust resources to meet changing needs.
  • Forward-looking – By maintaining your Prioritization Plus™ database, you will be able to use this content-rich resource for other management purposes beyond priority-setting: for filing external reports, to dashboard for your governing board, for accreditation self-studies, for program reviews and for continuous improvement of your operations.
  • Open and Transparent Process – Enable broad campus participation and accountability.
  • Administrative and Program Input – Manage administration provided data alongside program provided input and collaborative analysis.

Download the Prioritization Plus™ Fact Sheet